About us

Galeo is a Swiss company founded in 2003 offering an integrated solution for the consolidation and analysis of assets.

Initially, the idea was to develop a high performance consolidation solution that allows a person or institution to have access at any time and independently, to the totality of its assets, without having to collect and handle the significant amounts of necessary information, nor move from one banking system to another.
Galeo has transformed this idea into a business model that has already convinced many wealth management professionals, families, fiduciaries, pension funds and banks around the world.

A human-sized company, Galeo values direct contact with its clients in order to better understand each of their particular needs and always provide them with the most adapted solution.



Independence and transparency

Since its inception, Galeo cultivates its independence and brings the transparency lacking in a sector that is often a victim of its opacity. Some investors are unaware of the risks to which they are exposed by their financial partners and to the conflicts of interest to which they are potential victims.

It is surprising to see the extent of difficulty experienced by the players in the banking sector to provide reliable and usable data. It is similarly surprising to note the low quality of reporting and consolidation solutions on the market. Based on this observation, the founders of Galeo have developed services to address the weaknesses of the sector and ensure the sustainability and preservation of your assets.

By giving you back control of your assets with immediate, transparent and comprehensive access that is independent of all banking software, Galeo protects you from the conflicts of interest and the mistakes of your financial partners.


Confidentiality is a constant preoccupation for Galeo.

All employees are subject to banking or functional secrecy and any data processed can be made anonymous.

In addition, as a para-banking service company, Galeo cannot be obliged to deliver any information about its clients.

Added value

Our experienced team will understand your issues and guide you to the appropriate solution. If such a solution does not exist, we will develop a new, customized solution.

If you do not want to use the PortfolioNetTM interface yourself, we can handle, on your behalf, the generation of the personalized reports needed. You will then receive the information you want, at the desired frequency. And since nothing is frozen in asset management, our team is at your disposal to adjust the reports or conduct targeted analysis.