We provide customised wealth care services for all your assets, financial and non-financial, by leveraging our wealth tech solutions.

We are a fully independent organisation without any conflict of interest as we do not manage nor sell any financial or non-financial products.

You benefit from an “all inclusive” range of services adapted to your structure and objectives that protect your wealth

As your trusted advisor, we connect, we track, we alert

You are connected to your assets and our team through our digital platform developed and maintained in Switzerland. Safe environment.

One click, one app, 100% of your wealth at your sight.

At the heart of

your ecosystem

At the heart of

your ecosystem

Galeo coordinates, centralises information and ensures that your teams and trusted advisors work towards your best interest both efficiently and harmoniously at all time.

Galeo is used to interact with multi-disciplinary professionals and drive complex ecosystems such as:

Financial Advisors

• Bankers

 Independent Asset Managers

• and others


• Lawyers

• Accountants

• Trustees

• and others


• Art Curators

• Real Estate Managers

• Insurance Brokers

• Family Staffs



I have a business to run that takes all my energy. How can I make sure that my wealth and financial investment are well taken care of?

As an independent partner, Galeo is proactively supervising all my wealth, provide me with monthly reporting and inform me when actions are required. They make sure mandates and asset allocation are respected, performance is in line with market conditions, fees correctly applied, etc…Moreover, I also receive specific report depending on sudden unexpected market events without the need to ask for it.
Mister A. F.
Family from Europe
Wealth > USD 100 Mio.
2 companies, 6 Banks, 6 Portfolios, 3 Countries, 2 Currencies

With my Trust of 10 companies that has account in 12 different banks representing 30 bank accounts, how can I monitor on a weekly basis all expenses ie. Salary and social charges paid to employees?

Using Galeo advanced analytical tools based on AI, I received a fully automatic report showing what was spent vs what was received and I can make sure it is online with the Trust budget. 
Mister John. R.
Trustee from Jersey Wealth > USD 1’500 Mio. 10 companies, 12 Banks, 30 bank accounts, 6 Countries, 5 Currencies

How much do I spend monthly on my different properties? Is it cover with the distribution I receive from my investment (coupon and dividends)?

On the 4th of each month, I receive my customized report that show exactly my net cash flow during the month with every detail for each movement. Moreover, I see for each property what was spent and can easily plan what is my cash requirement per currency.
Mister M. Al B.
Family from the Middle East
Wealth > USD 500 Mio.
4 companies, 7 Banks, 25 bank accounts, 4 Countries, 3 Currencies

Monitoring all your


Using latest digital technologies, we are able to accurately monitor and analyse financial and non-financial assets alike bringing tranparency & harmony.

We also have the ability to onboard assets with years of history including trades, valuation and performances.


• Bonds & Equities

• Funds

• Alternative Investments

• Private Equity / Direct Investments

• Etc…


• Arts collection & Paintings

• Reat Estates

• Boats, Cars & Aircrafts

• Wine

• Etc…

Our team

Galeo Team combines expertise from all areas of finance and technologies while sharing common human values. We aim to build a strong environment based on Trust and Respect. During the last 20 years, we have been recognized as our client independent trusted partner.

Olivier Rochaix

Tél.: +41 22 752 32 12

Bd Georges-Favon 19 | CH-1204 Genève